04-03-2021 Community Events

Due to the Saskatchewan health protocols, we are not able to hold our Cardboard Cup event... that does not mean we do not have another exciting Elite community event planned for the month of March! 

We present to you our first ever Snowman Building Contest!

Prize money will be distributed as follows (along with your prize money being matched and donated to a charity of your choosing on behalf of Elite!) :

1st Place: $100

2nd Place: $50

3rd Place: $25

We are challenging families across Saskatoon to build the most extravagant snowman they can imagine using their creativeness, uniqueness and talent. Families will be judged and awarded by our Elite crew based on the overall design and aesthetic of the snowman. To be eligible for our contest competitors must follow these instructions and guidelines to ensure their snowman will be considered for the challenge:

- Applicants must send in a photo of their Snowman in front of their house to inquiries@eliteproperty.ca along with address and contact information so we can reach out to you. We will not accept contest entry if we cannot see enough of your house and/or house number due to potential applicants trying to send in photos from the internet.  Elite will be diligent to ensure all submissions will be viewed and authenticated. 

- The deadline for entrants will be Sunday, March 14!

- Winners will be announced on March 15th on Rock 102. You will contacted by Elite Property Management if you have been declared a winner.

- Have fun and end off winter on a roll!

*Elite Property Management will ensure all personal information submitted will be kept confidential and will be used for contest purposes only* 



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