Pet Placement Application

This is a preliminary application only. If approved, we'll contact you and arrange for the final forms to be signed.

By applying, you are agreeing to the following terms and stipulations:

  1. I understand that if my pet(s) :

    1. Causes noise, odor(s), or damage;
    2. And/or causes another tenant or the owner to have an allergic reaction, or phobia;
    3. And/or harms or acts aggressively toward another tenant or the owner;
    4. And/or could be dangerous to another tenant or the owner, even if it has not harmed anyone;

    Then my pet(s) is/are to be immediately removed from the property, upon written notice from the owner or his/her agent, never to return again (neither to live nor visit). Failure to comply, upon service of said written notice, may be cause for eviction proceedings to commence immediately.

  2. All vaccinations to my pet(s) shall be up to date and verification shall be made available to the owner or his/her agent upon request. All cats and dogs must be licensed in accordance to City of Saskatoon Bylaws.
  3. No animal, mine or guests, shall be permitted to run at large in common areas of the property and shall be on a leash and under adult supervision while in common areas of the property, and shall not be permitted to be tied up outside or in common areas of the property.
  4. I am responsible for immediately cleaning up after my pet(s) and my guests’ pet(s), should they create a mess on or in the property interior or exterior (including my apartment). All pet droppings shall be placed in a bag, securely sealed, and placed in the garbage immediately. Under no circumstances should pet/cat litter, etc. be flushed down the toilet or sink.
  5. I am responsible for removal of any odors, fleas, mites, and the repair of any damage that may result of my having a pet, including cleaning of carpet(s), replacement of grass and vegetation, fumigation, and repairing floors.
  6. If you are in a multi-resident complex, all pets must be carried to and from the unit to the exterior.
  7. I understand that my pet(s) must be under 30 inches to the head and under 35 lbs. in weight.
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