Notice to Vacate

According to your signed lease agreement your notice to vacate must be given on or before the last day of month, during regular office hours to be effective without penalty for the last day of the following month. It further states:

The Tenanat(s) understands that one calendar month's notice, in writing (or via this form) to our office in advance must be given before the last day of the last month of the lease to terminate this Lease Agreement. A notice to vacate will only be accepted if only one month is remaining in the lease.

Notices given after the last day of the month for the end of the end of the following month are considered IMPROPER. You will be held responsible for the following month's rent. If at any time after you have given your notice to vacate and you wish to retract your notice to vacate please contact the office as soon as possible before your unit is re-rented. Once the unit is rented, you cannot retract your notice to vacate. All retractions must be in writing.