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Stay tuned for the date for the 2019 Elite Twelve BBQ!

Applications are closed. 

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What is the Elite Twelve?

The Elite Twelve is a competition for Saskatoon's top athletes to showcase their abilities and their commitment to the community.

The rules are simple. Local athletes (ages 14-25) from any sport (Soccer, football, auto racing, dancing, ping pong, you name it!) can apply or be nominated for the program, and we encourage those who are passionate about their sport and their community to get involved! We'll have prizes even bigger than last year - the winner will take home $1500 cash and each of our Elite Twelve will receive a cash prize!

If you're an athlete in the Saskatoon area, this is your chance to show off your accomplishments, aspirations, and involvement with your community to receive some amazing promo and fantastic cash prizes.


  1. Applicant or nominee must be in within the ages of 14 and 25 as of July 5th, 2019.
  2. Area of residence must be in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  3. There is no preference based on the sport itself. Elite is looking to recognize the best of the best in their respected sport.
  4. Application and nominations open April 1st.
  5. All applicants are highly recommended to follow The Elite Twelve Facebook and Instagram page.
  6. Deadline for applications and nominations is on April 30th.
  7. Preference will be awarded to the applicants/nominees who have won awards, given outstanding contributions to society, and who have the highest quantity of nominations.
  8. After the deadline, a selected panel of Elite Property Management staff as well as the Elite Twelve from 2017 and 2018 will consult and select the twelve most qualified candidates. We will then personally reach out to bring in the selected twelve athletes in for an interview.
  9. If unable to make the interview within the week, the next worthy candidate will be selected and interviewed. Contact with selected applicants will be on May 13th. 1st Round Interview Deadline will be May 17th. Deadline for the 2nd Round of Interviews (if needed) will be May 24th.
  10. Starting June 3rd every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, an Elite Twelve athlete will be featured in an article that will be published on our website and the official Elite Twelve Facebook page and Instagram Page.
  11. During this time, the competition for Likes and Shares will begin. Each time someone likes a specific athlete’s article, that athlete will receive 1 point. For every share on Facebook, 3 points. Shares will be limited to the amount of likes an article receives. Each athlete will have an equal amount of time to promote their article.

Example: Jonathan receives 238 likes and 345 Shares. Jonathan will receive 714 points for 238 Shares.

Please ensure that your friends and family like your article as well as sharing it to ensure you receive maximum points.

Elite Twelve Coordinators also have the discretion to disregard any social media activity that appears to be attributed to bots/fake/purchased likes or shares. Please keep it honest!

There will also be bonus points regarding the number of nominations the applicant received at the beginning of the competition (1 point per nomination).

June 30th Deadline for Likes and Shares.

The winner of the competition will receive a grand prize of $1,500.00 with second through twelve taking home the following prizes:

    1. 1st - $1500 + plaque
    2. 2nd - $750 + plaque
    3. 3rd - $500 + plaque
    4. 4th-12th - $200.00 + plaque

= $5,000 in Prizes!!

*****Barbeque Date Change *****

Stay tuned for the date for the 2019 Elite Twelve BBQ!