At Elite Property Management, we take care of your property like it's our own. Whether a problem is big or small, our maintenance team will make sure you are looked after quickly and efficiently, and our 24 hour emergency maintenance service means that we are never out of reach.

Customer service is another key component in the property management industry, and it's something we pride ourselves on. We answer to both the property owners as well as the tenants staying in the properties. Clear communication with both parties ensures that we can keep each property thoroughly maintained. Our services go well beyond basic repairs as well - we believe that preventative maintenance is essential to property management, to make sure issues are taken care of before they become emergencies. This is done by identifying improvement projects in the early stages and budgeting for them accordingly. Owning a rental property involves a continuous maintenance schedule including things like interior/exterior painting, plumbing and electrical issues, and roof maintenance. Let us take the maintenance burden off your shoulders.

Another valuable service that we offer is to improve the value of clients' properties to renters. Renovated units command higher rent prices, which means more cash in your pocket. With every tenant turnover, we offer a remodeling and upgrading service for all owners. This gives them the opportunity to raise their rental income while avoiding the hassle that comes along with renovations.

Our apartment remodel services include the following:

  • Design consultation
  • Estimate preparation
  • Retaining building permits
  • On-site supervision of all work
  • Selection of finishes
  • Final permit completion

We have remodeled hundreds of apartments and we look forward to helping you make the most out of your rental property.