Our Services

We set the standard that others follow.

Locally created, we believe in the need for a reliable and professional property management company.

A property management company has responsibility for all aspects of real estate management. As the agent of the landlord, Elite Property Management deals directly with tenants and provides a buffer, allowing property owners to maximize their profit and minimize involvement with tenants, ensuring all parties receive the time and attention they need.

We offer the following services:

  • Rental evaluation & counselling
  • Advertising & rental promotion
  • Showings & tenant selection
  • Rental applications & deposits
  • References & credit checking
  • Lease agreements & documentation
  • Security deposit collection
  • Owner document package
  • Fire insurance placement
  • Monitored and documented smoke detector checks
  • Lease renewals
  • Co-ordination of yard care services
  • Purchasing
  • Security deposit administration
  • Property inspections - scheduled & vacancy
  • Co-ordination of minor renovations
  • Vacancy administration
  • Co-ordination of maintenance, repairs, and cleaning
  • Monthly rental collection
  • Income & expense accounting
  • Financial statements & reports

Elite Property Management is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Saskatoon since 2005. We offer our clients professional property management with a personal touch and more than 25 years of experience by Elite's Property Broker. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and most importantly, accountable to our clients. We have proven to consistently meet and exceed expectations in all facets of the company.

Boutique Property Management

Not all complexes have the same needs. Boutique Property Management is a tailored service that ranges from basic accounting support to full management. This unique approach gives clients options including physical services and cost-effective building maintenance along with administration, to basic administration and financial management. Either way, we create an opportunity for you to increase the overall value of your condominium investment while taking some of the hassle out of ownership. We understand that every property has unique requirements and each owner has unique requests, and our services reflect this.

Some of the services we can include are:

  • Fee collection: Includes collecting monthly condominium fees, levies, fines, and miscellaneous charges, delinquent accounts, as well as depositing all funds to the condominium trust accounts.
  • Site management: Regular property inspections with reports to the board, supervision of on-site staff, and assistance with bylaw enforcement and protocol.
  • Meetings: Organization and attendance at all annual general meetings, special general meetings, board meetings, as well as preparation and distribution of all minutes and agendas.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Contact administration, tendering process for repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and grounds keeping services.
  • Emergency services: 24 hour emergency service for all customers.
  • Financial records and transactions: Record keeping of all payables and receivables, payroll services and employee bonding, operating budgets, schedules of fees, monthly financial statements, WCB reporting, and more.
  • Financial planning: Assist in budgeting, capital expenditure planning, and reserve fund requirements.
  • Legal records: Act as the registered office for the condominium corporation, including legal documents, estoppel certificates, minute books, registers, and financial records.
  • Insurance: Ensure all insurance requirements including the appropriate appraisals are met for the complex, including Officers' and Directors' liability insurance.
  • Contractor requirements: Ensure all contractors have the appropriate information prior to completing work on the property, such as letters of good standing from the Worker Compensation Board (WCB), liability insurance in case they cause damage to the property, and an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) plan for completing the work and making sure that all of their employees are using the proper PPE.

Elite Property Management Ltd. is fully licensed and insured.