Customizable Service To Fit Your Needs

Boutique Property Management

Elite Property Management is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Saskatoon since 2005. Drawing on 25 years of experience in property management, we offer clients professional service with a personalized touch. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and most importantly, accountable to you. We know our company’s services will exceed your expectations. We also realize that every condominium complex is unique. Our Boutique Property Management is a tailored range of services from full management to basic accounting and clients may choose from options that include varying levels of service to fit the needs of any complex.

Whatever you choose, we create an opportunity to increase the value of your condominium investment while we take some of the hassle out of ownership, so you can concentrate on doing what you enjoy. Our aim is to cater to every unique requirement a complex may have and to be the best option in condominium management.

Here is a breakdown of the major components that can be included in our full service management.


Effective condominium management has many facets, from basic property maintenance and upkeep to complicated legal and financial management services that require specific skill sets. Elite prides itself on being equipped to handle every aspect of the management process, bringing extensive knowledge and experience to the table for each client. Current clients range in complex size and intricacy, but regardless of size, each client receives specialized attention. Our focus on customer service and satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. This level of customer service requires efficient delegation of resources, which can be a daunting task if not properly equipped.

At Elite, we understand our duties and responsibilities from two perspectives: First, we are responsible to comply with the Board of Directors that handles the policies and regulations for the condominium community. We can provide a full range of management services, including attending meeting, to stay connected and up to date. Second, we are responsible to work with the residents who call that community home. A key component is to actively communicate with residents so that miscommunication is minimized.

We work hard to maintain our strong reputation in the industry. Our hands-on approach to condominium management offers peace of mind for our clients and with our 24 hour emergency line, we will never be more than a phone call away.


We offer a full line of administrative services that can benefit our clients, beginning with compliance and thorough knowledge of the Condominium Act. This law governs the rights and responsibilties of condominium owners, the Board of Directors, tenants, and other stakeholders. Through association with the Canadian Condominium Institute, Elite has been heavily involved in developing high standards and best practices within the industry, always complying with the Condominium Act.

This experience with the necessary legislation also gives us the ability to go above and beyond the requirements when interacting with the Board of Directors as well as residents. Our team is knowledgeable, diligent, and firmly committed to excellence in providing administrative services to our clients. Currently, we are developing and expanding our online presence so that we may respond more effectively to client requests and streamline our services. Since communication is a top priority, we plan to be the first property management company in Saskatoon to initiate a customized online community for our clients, called The Elite Club. This will give our clients greater and more instant access to information and communication tools. The goal is to increase transparency between us, the Board of Directors, and the residents to allow the communities to grow together.


Maintenance services are some of the most important parts of a relationship with a client. A huge amount of communication with residents and the Board is in regards to maintenance of the complex and is often the basis for how they perceive the company. While owners are responsible for their own dwellings, the upkeep of all common spaces will often be the responsibility of the the management company. These common spaces usually include things like hallways, sidewalks, common rooms, and green spaces. All of these elements play an important role in maintaining a high quality of life for residents. They can enjoy the immaculate upkeep without being burdened by the responsibility of maintenance.

At Elite, we can take care of the entire maintenance process, including hiring of contractors, scheduling, routine inspections, developing long-term maintenance plans, and much more. We have strong relationships with a number of reputable contractors that we count on for our maintenance needs. These ties give us a cost advantage that we pass on to our clients through low fees and exceptional service. We want to use our experience and proven systems to help your complex reach its full potential.

So what is full service management?

For clients, the most important thing is to get the service they need. Our full service management takes care of all aspects of management. Since each complex is different, we will meet with each client and determine what is all needed from the three major components to make it worthwhile. Here is a list of examples of services that can be included in our full service management:

  • Fee collection: Including collecting monthly condominium fees, levies, fines, miscellaneous charges, delinquent accounts, as well as depositing all funds to the condominium trust accounts.

  • Meetings: Organization and attendance at all general meetings and board meetings, preparation and distribution of all minutes and agendas.
  • Site management: Regular property inspections with reports to the board, supervision of on-site staff, and assistance with bylaw rule enforcement and protocol.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Contract administration, tendering process for repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and grounds-keeping services.

  • Emergency services: 24 hour emergency service for all owners.

  • Financial records and transactions: Record keeping of all payables and receivables, payroll services, employee bonding, operating budgets, schedules of fees, and monthly financial statements.

  • Financial Planning: Assistance in budgeting, capital expenditure planning, and reserve fund requirements.

  • Legal Records: Act as the registered office for the condominium corporation, including legal documents, estoppel certificates, minute books, registers, and financial records.

  • Insurance: Ensure all insurance requirements for the complex are met, including Officers and Directors liability insurance, and asking for proof of insurance or clearance letters from WCB on all contractors.
  • Community Websites: All of our condominiums are being linked with community Facebook accounts that facilitate many aspects of the condo business, including community news and services information.
  • Personal service: Open communication matters to both owners and tenants. We will answer any questions and keep everyone informed. We always respond to clients’ questions and requests within one business day.

We set the standard that others follow.