New residents and owners receive a welcome package that includes the rules, regulations, and policies of their new community. we also release a semiannual newsletter to keep residents up to date on community events, policy changes, and other important information. Residents and owners can also receive copies of the board meeting minutes each month, promoting transparency throughout. These can be accessed by email or through public postings in the complex.

We believe this emphasis on communication and transparency also increases residents’ compliance with condominium bylaws and enables management to enforce policies and rules more effectively. In the event that policies or rules need further enforcement, we will investigate infractions, provide acceptable notices, and pursue any action required to ensure the complex continues to operates smoothly.

At Elite, we work hard with each client to determine the services necessary to maintain an orderly, happy community that aligns with the rules and regulations set by the board.

These practices align with Elite’s core values as well as with the values of the Canadian Condominium Institute, of which Elite is a corporate member in good standing.

We believe clear communication makes happy communities and we pride ourselves on ensuring clear communication channels for all of our clients, including social media and online resources for all the complexes we represent.

Through, Facebook, and other social media platforms, Elite shares information about events, maintenance, and other topics of interest with all of the complexes managed by us.