03-03-2020 Community Events

On Saturday February 29th, 2020 the Rock 102 Cardboard cup was underway. With the sun shining and white snow covering the new Optimist Hill we had an ample amount of people attend! We were happy to once again hand out free hot chocolate and cookies which we completely ran out of due to having the largest number of people attend out of all our recent years! The cardboard sleds get more creative every year. Some creations like the "Old Vickie" (the old Victoria Bridge) went really fast and others such as "the log ride" (representing the log ride at Calaway park) did not even make it past the starting line. It did not matter this year how fast the sleds went down the hill, the winners were based on the creativity of their sleds. Thank you to everyone who participated or who just came with their families or loved ones to watch. We hope to have more creations and more people attend next year! Keep an eye out for next years event.

This years #1 Winner ^


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